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The link at the top will have pictures and movies of mouthsoapings and other punishments which fit into similar categories. We do not condone mouthsoaping for children, but roleplaying between consenting adults is OK. Please be over 18 to enter this section. By clicking on this link, you are verifying you are over 18 or of legal age to view adult images in whatever country you are from.

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When you just can't buy the soap(s) you want and have the need for a hobby! 

Thoughts and ramblings on mouthsoaping, soap making, etc. 

The Blog is below.

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The link above is for stories on mouthsoaping and or related punishments. They can and do include adult situations and are soley for reading enjoyment. If you submit stories for posting, please ensure either they are your stories or are public domain and leave the author's proprietary information in them for copyright purposes. Thank you.

Finding Love Through Female Domination - By Renee Lane

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